Regular Help?

Macmillan Buddy

Get to know someone in your community who is affected by cancer and help out. You could be someone to talk to try out new things or maybe offer some help around the home. 

What's involved?

Light tasks around home and garden; being company.

Why get involved?

Cancer can be a lonely place sometimes just having a cup of tea with someone and knowing someone will put your bins out can make you feel less alone. 

How to get involved?

Ruth Somerset 07543 248714


Please be aware that if you accept this challenge BS3 Community will pass on your details to Macmillan, Many thanks   

Ideal Skills

  • Gardening
  • Reading/Storytelling
  • Understanding people with memory loss
  • Working with Older Adults

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Working with Older Adults
  • Befriending
  • Sight Loss
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Reading

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