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Action Tutoring - English or Maths

Education isn't a level playing field in the UK today, as the income of a child's parents can directly impact their own academic attainment.

We want to change this through our tutoring support for both primary and secondary pupils - and help pupils achieve regardless of their backgrounds.  We recognise how powerful tutoring can be in supporting a child academically and we believe it shouldn't be accessed only by those who can afford it.

The way we deliver our programmes is by recruiting volunteers as our tutors.  Through this activity our volunteers are able to develop a wealth of different skills (interpersonal, organisational, communication), it also provides a link between them and the youngest members of their community - empowering them to give back. 


What's involved?

As an English or maths tutor with us you will chose one of our partner schools to volunteer in. You will work with between one and three pupils for an hour a week across the course of a school term; either before, during or after the school day. Sessions are delivered on the school premises at the same time each week. We provide all of our tutors with training and tutoring workbooks, and we will also process a DBS check for you.




Why get involved?

We're looking for people who want to support pupils to succeed. Currently only 30% of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve the grades needed to progress in education, employment or training, for the other 70% their options are significantly restricted.

As volunteers, you will act as positive adult role models for the pupils you support – whatever your background or experiences you can inspire ambition in them. 

You’ll be able to develop new skills and use existing skills (organisational, interpersonal, time management, communication).

Meet and interact with young people and other volunteers.

Have an impact on a young person’s live and make a difference.

How to get involved?

Please accept the challenge.

Then please contact Ilina Ghosh:

Tel: 0203 872 5894 (London Head Office)

Many thanks

BS3 Community





Ideal Skills

  • Reading/Storytelling
  • Working with Children 6 - 12yrs
  • Working with Young People
  • Maths/numeracy
  • Communication skills
  • Tutoring/teaching

Ideal Interests

  • Learning and Education
  • Teaching and Training

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